We went to Central Florida… without doing Disney.

My kindergartener started going to a balance calendar school (previous referred to as “year round school”). He starts a few weeks earlier and ends a few weeks later than the traditional calendar, but there are more scheduled breaks throughout the year. One of those was 2 weeks in October. This seemed like the perfect time … More We went to Central Florida… without doing Disney.

Exercise and Pregnancy

Having always been an active person, continuing that through my pregnancy seemed like a natural process. Working out is as much for my mental well being as my physical. I was blessed to have “good” pregnancies and just your typical symptoms along the way (nausea, fatigue, lower pelvic aches, etc). I found I felt less nauseous … More Exercise and Pregnancy

Cape Town 2016

Here I sit at my computer yet again after finishing a trip, contemplating how to put such a great time into any sort of words. We spent 2 week in Cape Town, South Africa for the Christmas holidays staying at my in-laws house. My Dad also joined us and we strived for a lot of … More Cape Town 2016