Moab Weekend Highlights: Dual Sport Tourism

IMG_0362Earlier this year in search of an epic challenge, I was looking for destination races out west. My sister and brother in law live in Colorado and live the full on adventure, ultra running and outdoors lifestyle. Ian and I were hoping to sample just a taste of that and some full on “type 2 fun” (the type of fun you might not known you had until it was over). Just the right event seemed to be the Moab Trail Marathon November 4th. 26.2 miles of all terrain trails with some 3800 feet of vertical gain was to be Ian and I’s first marathon distance race. We prepared ourselves physically and mentally to run the marathon Saturday morning and turn around and mountain bike some of Moab’s famous trails Sunday. With Tracy and Michael joining us, we were certain it was achievable.

The weekend did not disappoint in the least. We arrived to beautiful weather in Moab. The run was the hardest, yet most rewarding race I have done without a doubt. Overcoming the highs and lows that come along with a nearly 6 hour run. We were able to appreciate most of the scenery and take in some stunning views from above the desert floor. All 4 of us were generally pleased with our finishes having no set expectations going in and Ian and I can join the ranks of official marathon finishers.

We took our excitement and pride from Saturday as fuel going into mountain bike riding on Sunday. Shaking off post marathon legs was as much a mental task as physical, but again lured by the stunning landscape we set off in the Navajo Rocks area. The perfect mix of challenge and fun lead to another “more than we could have expected” experience.

This whole trip was something out of another world. I am so thankful to have Tracy and Michael as adventure guides and cheerleaders. There is no way we could have done this without them. Ian and I pushed our physical limits and the rewards are indescribable. We would highly recommend doing a destination race or run as the perfect way to tour a scenic area and potentially stretch your own physical boundaries.

Here is a video of highlights from our weekend trip.

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