Exercise and Pregnancy

Having always been an active person, continuing that through my pregnancy seemed like a natural process. Working out is as much for my mental well being as my physical. I was blessed to have “good” pregnancies and just your typical symptoms along the way (nausea, fatigue, lower pelvic aches, etc). I found I felt less nauseous … More Exercise and Pregnancy

Franschhoek Adventure

After several years of watching my sister and her fiancé spend summer weekends trail running along the Rocky Mountains, we were longing for an trail adventure of our own during our Cape Town trip. With the Grandparents to watch the kids, we had ample time to get away and explore. Table Mountain was an obvious … More Franschhoek Adventure

Cape Town 2016

Here I sit at my computer yet again after finishing a trip, contemplating how to put such a great time into any sort of words. We spent 2 week in Cape Town, South Africa for the Christmas holidays staying at my in-laws house. My Dad also joined us and we strived for a lot of … More Cape Town 2016

Leadville Trail 100- A pacer’s perspective

Ian and I always considered ourselves adventurous. This is nothing compared to my sister Tracy and her fiancé Michael. They live what we affectionately and jealously call the “Colorado dream.” Weekends in the summer spent trail running and mountain biking and in the winter skiing. I love to live vicariously through their endeavors. Briefly becoming … More Leadville Trail 100- A pacer’s perspective

Traveling with kids and arriving with some sanity. A few tricks.

Traveling with kids is always a parent’s nightmare. A quandary of do or don’t… is it worth the hassle or not. Ian is from South Africa and his parents and younger sister still live in Cape Town. His older sister, her husband and their kids live in England. Before kids we had a passion for … More Traveling with kids and arriving with some sanity. A few tricks.